April 2018
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Thompson Oaks 2016 Golf Rates

Regular Greens Fee $14.00

Senior & Junior Fee (weekday) $10.00

Senior & Junior Fee (weekend) $11.00

2nd 9 Holes $9.00

Gas Cart (full cart) $9.00 (1st nine holes)

Thompson Oaks will once again be offering Patron Cards, which allow users to receive $2.00 off each round of golf.

Resident Patron Card $35.00 Non-Resident Patron Card $45.00

Call up to 14 days in advance for a tee time 651-457-6064 or click on “Contact Us” at the top of this page to email a tee time request.

Thompson Oaks Golf Rules

1. Let faster players play through.

2. Repair ball marks on the greens.

3. Replace divots on the tees and fairways.

4. Smooth out bunkers.

5. Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times.

6. No carry-on beverages. All beverages must be purchased from the course.

7. Keep carts and bags off the greens.

8. The golfer is responsible for any damage caused by a hit ball.

9. Use drop areas for drives hit into water hazards on holes 5 and 9.

10. Use sand and seed mixture on tees to fill in holes.

11. Cell phone use is discouraged – ringers must be silent.

12. Play one golf ball only.

13. A round is nine holes played once through. Please each hole only once.

14. Horseplay on power carts can cause damage to the course and injury. Drive with care.

15. U.S.G.A. rules govern play.

Some ideas about how to play ready golf and help everyone on the course to enjoy the beauty that is around them.

* Always be ready to hit

* Proceed directly to your ball

* Plan your shot as other players are hitting

* Use a pre-shot routine and have it finish when it is your turn to play-Don’t start your routine as your partners stare at you as they wait!!

* Don’t waste time on the course

* Never record your score on the green, write it on the next tee

* Don’t leave your cart or bag in front of the green. Park behind the green in the direction of the next tee.

* Give instruction only on the practice range, play golf when you are out on the course.

* Drop your cart partner of at his or her ball, then drive to where your next shot is played from.

* On the tee let shorter hitters play first

* Bring a second ball to the tee if there is trouble around the landing area

* Watch your partners shot so you can help locate their ball

Please remember to play ready golf and keep everyone on the course happy throughout the rest of the season.